Jennifer does ‘King of the world!’

'Near, far, wherever you are...'

Now, we j’adore Jennifer ‘J-Lo from the block’ Lopez and we don’t care what anyone says. But, honey, we thought we’d talked about outfits like this…

It is from the house of Roberto ‘Bertie’ Cavalli and it appeared in the first show of her very first ever worldwide tour, which kicked off in the rather inauspicious Atlantic City at the weekend.

May we draw particular attention to the flared/frilled trousers and the beige suede boots?

We don’t know if she is knocked up by that nice Marc Anthony gennelman, but frankly, she might just as well be if she’s going to go out in costumery such as this.

Honestly, you might as well wear a bustle. Oh, she is wearing a bustle…


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  1. Eugh.

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  2. There’s nothing wrong with a bustle.

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