Ooh, look at these lovely Skype phones!


Do you remember when you actually had to pay for phone calls? What were we on, people?

Now, thanks to Skype  you can make phone calls across your interweb without paying those pesky telephone people, the only downside being you usually have to look like a Madonna-wannabe twat with one of those totally ridic. headset-type affairs.

But not any longer, fashion conscious callers. Not now these little beauties have been invented. But that’s not the funniest bit…

They’re called YUBZ, you just plug them straight into your USB port (don’t make us tell you what that is, for Santa’s sake) and they come in ten different colours, all for less than $45 (yes, folks, it’s American).

But even better and funnier and stylisher, you can buy them to plug into your mobile phone, so if someone calls you, you can literally – out there in the street or on the top deck of the bus – pick up a real life handset. Why are we so excited about this?

To find out the ‘skinny’ on them, you’ll have to click through to here.

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3 comments to “Ooh, look at these lovely Skype phones!”

  1. I’ll have 84 of them please.

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  2. Clearly for tramps with shit computers that don’t have built-in mics.

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  3. Very nice site!

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