Exciting Halle Berry pregnancy update #709287451681065981


*insert drum roll… NOW*

Halle ‘Orchestra’ Berry is SO superstitious… that’s SOOOO superstitious, pop-pickers… that she has kept the 334 negative pregnancy tests she took before one proved she was avec sprog.

a) 334? Has she been trying to get pregnant since the age of three?

b) Er, sick!

and c) and d).

Here’s the quote:

‘We’d been trying for a while and I’m sort of superstitious so I saved all the negative tests in, like, a drawer… I don’t know why but I did.”

*er, like, little bit of sick appears in mouth*

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2 comments to “Exciting Halle Berry pregnancy update #709287451681065981”

  1. I was at the Oprah taping and Halle said she took *34* pregnancy tests – not 334.

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  2. Exactly. Where did this number originate? I’ve found several sites quoting “334 negative tests” when it’s actually 34 as stated in the interview on Oprah. Not that I really care about Halle Berry, it’s just odd that so many news sites quotes the same wrong number. And none of them name their source.

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