First rugby players get all nekkid, now it’s Aussie footballers…

Pure filth!

You know how much we all enjoyed those Frenchie rugger players peeling ’em off for our delectation/the sake of tasteful art? Well, it seems like everyone’s clambering onto the bandwagon. And when it comes to these Aussie football players, we’re certainly not pushing them off.

It’s called Naked for a Cause, the cause in question being the McGrath Foundation, which sends out cancer nurses in Australia, and the photographer is the rather famous and rather fabulous Pedro Virgil.

Our only beef? That they’re not all naked. Here’s another one and a link to where we found ’em with a couple of bums…

What is that stuff?

Oh, you wanted to see them bums, didn’t you? Click here.

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2 comments to “First rugby players get all nekkid, now it’s Aussie footballers…”

  1. Despite them being Australian, this is a fucking great sport to watch. They all wear tight sleeveless t-shirts, and really short-shorts and are forever climbing over each other. They gayest sport in the world. Official.

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  2. I think I need to lay down for half an hour after seeing this.

    Fuck. Me. Hard

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