How thin do you reckon this new telly is?

Looks like an ordinary telly...

Answer: so thin you could probably chop cocaine with it!

Indeed! It is the newly invented televisual device from those nice people over at Sony and apart from being totally ground-breaking in every way (e.g. it’s TEN TIMES sharper than a regular LCD – and no, that’s not a drug, you’re thinking of LSD) it’s this thin…

...until you turn it this way!

Barely there! You could paper a room with it! Pick your teeth with it! Play tiddly-winks with it! But it’s not all about thin-ness. Oh, no, indeed.

The technology is called Organic Light-Emitting Diode –  or OLED – and, apart from using 40% less power (the planet will be pleased), it is, as we say, ten times sharper than your regular flat-screen. This is due to… we can’t even be bothered to tell you. Just think of it as magic.

At the moment, there’s just an 11-inch version (not big enough for that Colt collection of yours) and it’s quite pricey at around £800 a pop. But it will be available for ready money – and lots of it – in Japan by Christmas, and as is the way with these things, it’ll be getting bigger and cheaper until we can all have one. Hooray, etc!

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2 comments to “How thin do you reckon this new telly is?”

  1. Fuck me, that’s amazing! I thought my Plasma was good…

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  2. It’s very nice, but stand looks shit.

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