Oh, look, it’s Ryan Phillippe naked among the nightclub freaks!

Get out of the way, freaks!

Life can be murder when you find yourself completely naked and having to run round town among the nightclub freaks looking for a simple pair of Armani Jeans. Especially, when you’ve got Amanda Lepore on your tail, chasing you in a tank armed with an outsize lipstick. And it’s raining!

It could only be an advert directed by the mad, bad and probably dangerous to know David LaChapelle. And we don’t know from whence it came or what it’s all about but going by the state of them jeans it’s quite old, even if it has never been seen before.

Have a look-see after the jump…

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One comment to “Oh, look, it’s Ryan Phillippe naked among the nightclub freaks!”

  1. Oh, I want him so hard, it’s not even funny. That bit where you see his naked arse disappearing into the jeans.

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