EXCLUSIVE! Sugababes interview

Not afraid of colour...

We asked you to pop your questions deep withinside the Sugababes, you obliged (thankings!), and ‘ere they are talking about the car-crash that is Britney Spears, why you won’t ever see them flashing their noo-noos of a night out, and why Mutya just won’t take Keisha’s calls. S’true.

ps. Sugababes? J’adore.

pps. A lot.


Which of you is the mouthiest? Northern Bastard
Amelle: It depends on the situation!
Heidi: We’re not little girls. If there’s a problem, we’ll talk about it. We’re quite mature!
Keisha: As much as I can I’ll try and keep everything todgether and that’s what I’ve always been, the mediator. But then again, when I’m slacking off, just like today, or if I bunk the day off which I do sometimes I’m hardly one to talk!

How many sugars do you have in your tea? Betty Windsor
A: I’ve cut down. I have four and a half now. I used to have six
K: That’s ridiculous.
A: I’ve put four in this one because it’s quite small [it is small. A dinky China tea-cup]
H: I don’t have sugar.
A: She’s sweet enough.
H: I have it in coffee but I don’t really drink coffee. Well I used to. I used to drink white coffee with one sugar in but I drink black coffee now. I don’t drink much coffee. I like having in-depth discussions about things like this. I was having dinner with my boyfriend last week and I was like, ‘What’s your favourite herb?’ Mine’s coriander.

Any advice for me, Beverley Craven? Would you consider me as the replacement for Amelle? Beverley Craven
A: (laughs) That question’s not for me, then!
H: We don’t need a replacement, sorry!
A: But thanks, Beverley, I’ll call you when I’m thinking about it.

What’s your favourite Sugababes song? Mungous
A: I really like ‘Too Lost In You’ and the latest stuff – we’ve got loads of favourites on the new album.
H: I think mine is probably ‘Breathing Easy’.
K: Oh that’s a lovely song!

There’s a gun to your head and you have to have sex with either Jeremy Clarkson or Jim Davidson. Who’s it gonna be? Rich
A: I’ve got mine straight away. Jeremy Clarkson.
H: It would have to be Jeremy Clarkson after watching Hell’s Kitchen. I just thought it was bizarre, really bizarre. I hope he’s going to watch it back and regret it.
A: And feel ashamed of himself.
H: But I don’t think he is the type of person who is going to do that. I feel sorry for his family. I wouldn’t want my dad going around speaking like that.

Which is your favourite wife of Henry VIII? Anne Boleyn.
A: Mine is actually Anne Boleyn. She got beheaded, didn’t she?
H: I don’t know which ones…
A: Divorced, beheaded, died; divorced, beheaded, survived…
H: Or maybe it’s the other way round.
A: The last one did survive – Catherine of something, but she died a few months later when she gave birth.
H: I dropped History in the 2nd year.
A: I did actually. I don’t know why I remember that.

What did you think of Britney’s, ahem, ‘comeback’ show? Claudia
H: I feel really sad for her. She’s obviously not well.
A: She’s not ready for this again. It doesn’t feel like she’s been away because she’s been all over the papers.
H: You don’t really know what’s going on, do you. You read things but you never know the truth unless they come out and speak about it.

We never see you coming out of a cab flashing your fadge… why? Johnny Rotten
A: Ha! That word cracks me up! Erm, no, we’re just not like that.
H: We wear underwear.
A: Yeah, cover up! I would never think not to put underwear on.
H: It’s just like brushing your teeth, you just do it on a daily basis.
A: It’s a ticket to get into a lot of magazines!

What’s your favourite kind of crunch biscuit? Bourbon fan
H: Oh, Rocky Bars!
A: Ooh, the red ones, though!
H: Rocky Bars or Foxes Classics.
A: Clubs!
H: I used to like Penguins. Trios!
A & H: (sing) Treee-o, Treeeeee-o, I wanna Trio and I want one now…

What’s on your bedside table? An Ikea employee
H: I’ve got a little chest next to my bed that’s got all my jewellery on and some Jo Malone scented candles. And this little fairy that my sister got me for my birthday. Guess where she got it from! The Fairy Wing Repair shop! How cute is that?
A: A lamp, my phone charger… so boring! I’ve got random things in a drawer. I’ve got a teddy next to my bed as well.

Did Kate kill Maddie? Rich
[PR shouts from across the room] Don’t answer that girls!

Do you worry that the misspelling of ‘sugar’ in your name is contributing to growing levels of illiteracy in today’s young people? English Teacher
H: No, it’s the name of the band. Get over it!
A: Yeah, whatever.

Which song and video you’ve recorded is your favourite? Ray
A: I enjoyed doing ‘Easy’. The whole build up to it and trying on loads of PVC – there was loads of talcum powder all over the place! One of my favourite songs is ‘Stronger’ but that is also my worst video. Have you seen me in it? Me in a stripper club… I look like a fat chipmunk with my hair on fire.

Keisha, are you speaking to Mutya? Mutley
K: You know, she left the band and we were on really good terms; met up for a Chinese, had a good laugh, her baby’s even the screensaver on my phone! Our families still speak, which is the weirdest thing ever. I don’t know what’s going on because there’s loads of stuff written in the press and I’ve called her to ask her about it and she’s completely dodged the calls. I just feel like I’ve been pushed away. But I think I have a pretty good idea why she’s pushed us away, and why she’s behaving in a certain way. I don’t know whether I can say just now, but I will say that she knows the truth and she knows that we care for her. I don’t think it’s a matter of us growing apart, I think it’s a matter of her not wanting anything to do with me or Heidi whatsoever. I have her number but when I call she doesn’t answer. I just don’t get it at all. And that’s the truth.


Sugababes’ cheeeeeeeeenius album, Change, is out on 8th October. Their single, ‘About You Now’, is out, well, now!!


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  1. I can’t believe you asked them whether Kate killed Maddie!! That’s funny.

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  2. Aw, they seem soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet. Nice gals.

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  3. Ah, I love them. And quite a fun interview.
    Although me thinks its suppost to be Heidi answering the question about their music videos as A (melle) was not in Stronger… (just me being picky!)

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  4. Oh yeah, that makes more sense.

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  5. SUCH lovely ladies. Hurrah!!! And c’mon Mutya, just call Keisha for crying out loud!! coz it’s obviously my business.

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  6. Bottlers. Didn’t have the balls to ask me question.

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  7. …thats cus it was stupid…

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