How much can we not wait for this film?

Gruesome twosome

Take one mad barber, hell-bent on revenge and one mad pie-lady hell-bent on making pies out of the people he kills, add the music of famous gayer Stephen Sondheim, a lick of Tim Burton, the combined talents of Johnny Depp and Helena Bottom Carter and what have you got?

Sweeney Todd, silly. Only the most-looked-forward-to movie of the year. OK, apart from the Golden Compass. And Elizabeth: The Golden Age. And some other films with the word ‘Golden’ in them.

Have a look at this trailer and see what we mean. And does it seem like they are trying to pretend it’s not a musical to you?

Click here to see that traileee.

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2 comments to “How much can we not wait for this film?”

  1. Fucking. Amazing.

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  2. Very concerned about Tim Burton doing this. You can’t just dye everyone’s hair black and make them wear dark lipstick and call it a film style you know.

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