Eat Jamie Oliver out for just a tenner!

You would, wouldn't you?

Jamie Oliver – who we used not to like but have come right round to (though still not sure about that Jules character) – is to launch a chain of ‘authentic’ Italian restaurants where you will be able to get a light lunch for a fiver and proper slap up nosh for £10.

It all kicks off in Bath next year, followed by Cambridge and Brighton until there are 40 of the buggers where people can go ‘safe in the knowledge that they’re eating good stuff, prepared with love.’

‘It’ll all be completely authentic, rustic Italian,’ reckons our man with a spatula. ‘It’s always been an ambition of mine to tackle the issue of the quality of high street dining.’

And if the experience of his gorge little East End restaurant, 15, staffed by former unemployeds trained up by Jamie, is anything to go by, ours is a penne gorgonzola with a half bottle of chianti, grazie.

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