Oh, look who became Q’s Idol of the Year!

Channelling late Marilyn

It’s funny how success actually breeds credibility.

Q, the smart magazine for smart blokes who like Bob Dylan and the Beatles and love reading lists, usually wouldn’t have a thing to do with Kylie (or any women, come to that: notice how their lists of Top 100 Whatevers only ever feature Kate Bush, Patti Smith and maybe Bjork, the other 97 positions being taken up by men?) but yesterday voted her its Icon of the Year.

Like Madonna and Take That before her, sheer success has gained the respect of those boring old Q men. Nasty homophobe Ian Brown for once – now he’s off the stuff – had a point, saying he didn’t think Kylie was cute but more of a ‘Devil Doll’: ‘She’s a soap star who makes music for 10-year-olds,’ quoth he. ‘There’s a lot of great minds out there making music but she isn’t one of them.’

Want to find out who won the other Q awards? Jump the jump, but we warn you, Kate Nash – a Strawberry Switchblade for our times – beat Mika to Breakthrough Artist of the Year. So you can see the calibre of the voting… 

Best New Act –  The Enemy

Best Track – Manic Street Preachers – ‘Your Love Alone is Not Enough’

Breakthrough Artist – Kate Nash

Best Video – Kaiser Chiefs

Q Classic Song – Stereophonics – ‘Local Boy in the Photograph’

Classic Album – The Verve – Urban Hymns

Q Lifetime Achievement Award – Johnny Marr

Q Merit Award – Ryan Adams

Q Hero – Tony Wilson

Best Album – Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

Best Live Act – Muse

Q Legend – Ian Brown

Q Classic Songwriter – Billy Bragg

Q Inspiration Award – Damon Albarn

Best Act in the World Today – Arctic Monkeys

Q Idol – Kylie

Q Icon – Paul McCartney

…and we wouldn’t give a thank you for any of ’em.

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3 comments to “Oh, look who became Q’s Idol of the Year!”

  1. Q magazine should’ve folded years ago. Pointless, and without an ounce of credibility any more.

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  2. Kate Nash releases a nursery rhyme, Mika has one of the biggest albums of the year with a string of international hits…. and Kate Nash gets Best Breakthrough. Er, okay. And before anyone says it’s not about commerciality, I refer you to Kylie….

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  3. Kate Nash is a cunt. Shit records and as for that cockney singing thing she’s got going on…….. cunt.

    and she’s got a fat arse.

    Mika gets my vote. x

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