OMG, we’re all gonna die…………….!

A big crack.

Not really.

London’s glittering Tate Modern’s got a crack in it, that’s all. An arty crack. In the fancy Turnbine Hall bit. Created by a real life artist called Doris.

Doris Salcedo, who is from Colombia, has called her installation ‘Shibboleth’. People are saying it’s controversial. We say it’s a big crack.

Now we oughtn’t to worry pop-pickers ’cause it’s not big enough for us to fall down. Barely big enough to lose a small child, ‘parently. What’s the point of that then?

It’s, like, a metaphor.

It’s there till 6th April, so you’ve got a while. And they do nice cakes upstairs.

More bumf, ici.

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  1. Gotta hand it to them Tate Modern peeps… it’s all happenin’ down there….

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