Meet Liz Hurley! Oh okay then!

Honey, pink is SUCH a great colour on you!

Date for your dolly diaries, famous-watchers… Liz Hurley (j’adore, btw) is going to be hanging around the Estee Lauder counter in London’s glittering Sel-fridges on London’s manky Oxford Street tomorrow between the hours of, ooh, 11am and 1pm. It’s very nice of her, and it’s for-to-benefit Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

*makes a note of that*

More bumf, ici.

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2 comments to “Meet Liz Hurley! Oh okay then!”

  1. I’m very fond of Liz Hurley, I must say.

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  2. That picture looks like its from a Tampax campaign. You know where they make girls spread their legs and wear white trousers so you can see there’s no ’embarrassment’ there.

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