A Chanel handbag + Karl Lagerfeld + the cream of the world’s artists + architect Zaha Hadid =

Not as nice as the Stingray

This! Coming to a town near you soon.

What it is, is a mobile art show. Think of it as an ice-cream van only with art in it that’s going to be trawled from Glittering London to New York to LA to Hong Kong…

And as it’s all put together by Karl ‘Carly’ Lagerfeld and Chanel, the exhibition will be of a Chanel-related nature, namely a Chanel-handbag-related nature.

And though that sounds like a joke off-of Ab Fab, it’s true, everyone, it’s true! Like a leather lined room, where it feels like you’ve walked into a Chanel handbag…

Because, apparently, the cream of the world’s contempo artists – prolly Jeff Koons – we’re thinking off the top of our heads here – maybe Damien Hurst or perchance Su Pollard – will conceptualise (or conceive, even) works representing an aspect of the Chanel handbag. And there are so many aspects to choose between.

Anyway, the most exciting thing about the whole hoo-ha is Zaha Hadid’s mobile gallery. Noice. But not quite as nice as her Stingray swimming pool for the Glittering London Olympics in 2012! Which we totally j’adore.

Anyways, read all about the mobile Chanel thing here.

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2 comments to “A Chanel handbag + Karl Lagerfeld + the cream of the world’s artists + architect Zaha Hadid =”

  1. I verily much like Zaha Hadid. She’s good, she is. Very talented. Well done you.

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  2. I hate that exhibitions are now so commercial it’s like shopping. For fuck’s sake, do we really need the finest artistic minds of their generation to be concentrating on aspects of a Chanel handbag? Is there nothing about the human condition they might want to explore before they concentrate on what it would be like to walk into a giant Chanel handbag.

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