Samanda – we popped your questions, these are what they said. ‘Said’ may be pushing it…

Est. Thou. Une. Retard.?

They’re blonde, they’re retarded, they’re blonde AND retarded, they’re Sam and Amanda, pop-pickers! Isn’t life fun? NB. We couldn’t work out which was which, so we’ve just called them #1 and #2. Not that it matters who said what. We also forgot to put this up t’other week. Soz.


What is it that excites you about pink? Jordan lite
Both: *gasp*
#1: It’s dead good.
#2: What was the question?
#1: What excites you about pink.
#2: *gasp* Oh my God, it’s the most amazing colour ever. It makes everyones so happy and makes everyone look so fab.
Both: Defo.

What would happen if one of you fell in love with a bloke and decided to move to the other side of the world – would the other follow? Michaela
Both: Defo.
#2: I never go anywhere without Amanda.

Can you get me Fern Britten’s telephone number? Dollydippit
#1: Can we what sorry?
me-me-me: Fern Britten’s telephone number. Can you get it please?
Both: Sorry!

Where do you want to end up – TV? Acting? Singing? Modelling? Baby Baby
#2: We don’t really have plans for acting. We just want to go with the flow because it’s so much fun. We don’t want to have high expectations.
#1: We’re having so many chances to try different things out, like, erm, we’d just rather do it like that.
#2: It’s nearly impossible to get this kind of chance and it’s, like, everything we do is so much fun we don’t really mind.
#1: We like people, like, like different types of people, like, if you look at fashion, singers, actors, but like, erm, just like, erm, we haven’t like, set goals for ourselves for what we want to do because at the end of the day, we’re just, like, going with the flow.

Who would you duet with? Feat. Eve
Both: *gasp* Paris Hilton
#2: She’s dead good.

Are you nice to Danielle Lloyd when you see her? Penny
#1: Yeah.
#2: We were already excited and we met Danielle. I think she was totally misunderstood about the whole situation.
#1: We only stopped briefly and said hello but she seemed so nice.

Do you find that people think they have the right to be rude to you just because you were in Big Brother? Bob
#1: Everyone’s really nice
#2: Yeah. Really happy.

Have you made any money yet? Nosey Parker
#1: We’re just, erm, sorting everything out, like, at the moment because, erm, we’ve been to so many different places and stuff so we haven’t had the time to look at that.

Amanda – How are you coping with Brian’s big willy? Justin
#1: What?
#2: Eeeeeek!!
#1: Erm….
#2: What?
PR: Stop the interview!


Samanda have something out at the mo. Not completely useless after all.

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3 comments to “Samanda – we popped your questions, these are what they said. ‘Said’ may be pushing it…”

  1. so ridiculous it’s funny.

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  2. “We don’t want to have high expectations” … well, that’s just as well.

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  3. I love pink too.

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