Oh, look! Gay John Barrowman has done an album!

Big cock, apparently

Most people know him as Captain Jack from Dr. Who and Torchwood or maybe as the theatre actor who sometimes puts his outsize knob in the hands of co-stars as they step on stage in an effort to put them off their lines (read that somewhere) but the musical theatre fans amongst you will know that John ‘Big John’ Barrowman is also something of a terrific singer. Which is prolly why he’s getting a record out.

It’s called Another Side and – a bit like Barry Manilow’s Songs of the 70s album – it’s a selection of his favourite old songs by people like Carly Simon, Cyndi Lauper and Dame Elton of John. And would you hate us if we said it was actually surprisingly good?

Find out what’s on it and, while you’re at it, pop a couple of questions inside the man himself…

OK, first the album. Track listing as follows:

1. All Out of Love

2. You’re So Vain

3. She’s Always a Woman

4. Time After Time

5. Weekend in New England

6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

7. If You Leave Me Now

8. Your Song

9. Please Remember Me

10. Heaven

11. Being Alive

12. Feeliing Good

13. All By Myself

And if you want to put it to John, just click here.


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  1. Will you marry my daughter?

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  2. What a bag o’ shite !

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  3. There’s definitely something up with your face. What ‘work’ have you had done?

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