Note to Kylie: Steer clear of overhead lighting.


Whilst it may be a truism for all ‘n’ sundry, Kylie off-of Kylie really ought to have sent someone ahead to check the lighting situation before embarking on the latest press gathering for her latest money-making extravaganza also going by the name of ‘Kylie flogs teddy bear jewellery in e-Spain for 1million cash euros’.

Kylie off-of Kylie has decided that flogging nick ‘n’ nack ‘n’ bric ‘n’ brac that resembles teddies is a good thing, especially if it is done in e-Spain and no one gets to know about it. Oh.

What follows, right, are more pics of said Kylie – currently residing in someone’s back pocket whilst her Chelsea thimble undergoes vital repairs – having a gay ole time fulfilling her contractual duties:

Weekly shop for me, working mum... Kylie sandwich Hurry up love, I've kids at home to feed...

Ooh, more bumf if you’re innerested. Kylie will be the face of Tous jewellery for three (count ’em!) years. Tous chose Kylie ’cause, and-we-quote, ‘she’s a very strong woman; a survivor who has been through a lot, and someone women can relate to’. We’ll be the judge of that, etc.

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2 comments to “Note to Kylie: Steer clear of overhead lighting.”

  1. She just looks like a 40-year-old woman. Which is what she is (almost). Just that the trillions she spends on cosmetic surgery don’t work.

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  2. I see from the above that she can at least manage ‘Hola’.

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