Oh Keira, what big hair you have!

keira_duchess2_web.jpg[Goff Pictures]

This is Keira ‘j’adore regardless of the pout’ Knightley in the get-up for her latest filmic device, The Duchess.

‘Tis the tale of Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire, the 18th Century socialite with a penchant for fun (hooray!) and a v liberal attitude towards her other ‘alf’s extra marital affairs (hooray!). Ralph Fiennes plays t’other ‘alf. Inneresting fact – Georgina’s an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales. Maybe she killed her!

Now let’s look at more pics of Keira in a powdered wig:

Look, the had tinted windows in the 18th Century as well! [BBH Pictures]

Get off me! [BBF Pictures]

These people told us about this. Thankings.

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  1. Maybe Amy Winehouse should do this with her hair.

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  2. […] And come later this year of the Baby Gee 08, we’ll mostly be watching her new filmic device, The Duchess. ’Tis the tale of Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire, the 18th Century socialite – played by our Keira, natch – who by all accounts was a right laugh. We had a wet wee just watching the trailer… […]

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