Judge Jules – your questions answered exclamation mark

Come here...

You poppethed the questions; Judge Jules has only gone and answered them. ‘Ere they are! And rather pithy they are, too. Makes for easy – and quite fun – reading…

Are you actually a judge? If not, are you really allowed to call yourself a ‘judge’? One of Sadie Frost’s children
I don’t know… ask Doctor Fox.

Is DJing the new rock ‘n’ roll? Oliver Cromwell
Its twisted second cousin.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be? Duchess of Cornwall
A geeky lawyer.

If you were a real life judge, which celebrities would you put in prison? Claudia
Anyone in the ‘famous for being famous’ brigade ie. Big Brother winners etc.

Are you a fan of my work? I’m thinking specifically Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Judge Reinhold

What do you have on your bedside table? Northern Bastard
Bose alarm clock, copy of OAG Worldwide flight timetable, eye mask.

What would your friends say is your most annoying habit? Rich
Being twitchy and hyper.

What’s your favourite type of crunch biscuit? Betty Windsor
Mrs Fields cookies.

Do you think you’re conning people when you get your producers to stick together mixes for you, when the audience thinks it’s you on the ones and twos? Consuela
Probably, but I always do my own.

If you could work with any vocalist, who would that be? Linda
Martin Luther King.

What does your house smell of? Boy
Did you say my hose?

What song would you like played at your funeral? London Lady
Something not composed until at least 2057.

Any chance you’re looking for a new singer? Beverly Craven
Always on the larynx look out…

Are you a show-er or a grow-er? Nosey Parker

Judge Jules has a record out as we speak, more on which here.

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3 comments to “Judge Jules – your questions answered exclamation mark”

  1. I like his answer re. what does his house smell of. Oooh, naughty.

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  2. He’s quite funny. I like him.

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  3. The fucking lying cunt.

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