Spice Girls to flog Tesco whatnots

And then there were, er, seven.

Every little helps, ‘specially when it’s £5billion.

Oh no sorry, typo. £5million. Which is what them Spicies are going to get for flogging Tesco’s wares. 

‘Cause, popsicle-pickers, Tesco are poised – that’s, poised – to sponsor that tour of theirs. In return, Mels B and C, VicsRub, Emma la Baby Bunting and Gerri-mandering will appear in two pre-Santymas adverts for said supermarche.

‘Citing, isn’t it.

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One comment to “Spice Girls to flog Tesco whatnots”

  1. I can’t wait for the moment when they say, ‘We’ve had such fun touring and we love being girls together that we’re going to release a brand new album and make more monies off you putzes.’

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