‘Why Britney doesn’t wear underwear: An intimate revelation’

Put it away, luv.

Some friend of Britney ‘Flange akimbo’ Spears has revealed why she doesn’t wear underwear. It’s a very exciting thing, vagina-twitchers, and a long time coming. ‘Tis for the following reason *sits down with a tub of sweet/savoury combo popcorn, £3.75*

‘She just doesn’t like to wear underwear.’

*passes out*

S’true, famous-watchers, and explains a lot. We also find that underwear is just far to restrictive, but are generally also sane of mind, clean of body and aren’t dirty desperate fame-hungry trouts that will do anything to get in t’papers. Also true. We also find that our children, were we to have any, wouldn’t want to see their mother flaunting her lady-lips at every. Single. Opportunity.

*flash flash; click click; flash flash*

In conclusion: Britney = Eugh.

The end.

This information comes courtesy of the latest InTouch magwoizeen, using this gennelman as a conduit. Thankings to them.

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  1. Pig.

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