Hotel of the Week: Hospes in London’s glittering Madrid

Ooh, nice

When it comes to swishy-as-flip hotels with all the right contemporary twists, the Hospes group has pretty much got Spain sewn up. Valencia, Granada, Seville, you name it.

Well, now they’ve taken on the capital with this jewelbox of a joint on the fringes of the famous Retiro Park overlooking the Alcala Gate (that’ll mean something if you know Madrid, not if not).

With full drama from the lobby, up the stairs, into your room, or into the restaurant or out onto the covered terrace, we’re looking at white-on-white with some nice 70s browns, rococco wiggles on otherwise modern suites and just general loveliness right at the centre of one of Europe’s (the world’s!) hot homo hangouts. If you can stay up till 6 in the morning that is.

Have a look at some more lovely, erm, pictures…

Lobby Imagine yourself! More lovely lobby

Go and find out more right here.

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