Karen Krizanovich: An American bitch in London

Inside London, so you don't have to be

Yes, I was invited by David Duchovny – granted it was before X Files (around the time I was wearing fake boobs) – to come back and party with him. Bless!

And now he’s doing Californication, the only TV show which is finally facing the fact that 1). people have sex with a lot of others on a regular basis, 2). promiscuity is not bad, 3). writers are NOT the sort of people you should be having sex with and 4). a six-pack overcomes a multitude of sins…

It’s strange that in the grown-up world sleeping around is still frowned upon (come on! There isn’t that much of it on television). But life isn’t – and never was – monogamous, Petal, and Californication is such a relief…

Sure, Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City did it previously but Californication is about the sheer carelessness of it all. Disposable sex with people whose names you remember… does that sound familiar?

This is YOUR life as lived by a straight man! But you’d never be caught driving a rusty Porsche with one light out. Wouldn’t pass its MOT, would it? 

And why didn’t I go back and party with Duchovny? Charming he was for sure – and funny too. But you know I think it isn’t dignified or wise to go back KNOWING you’re going to do bad things… I like my bad behaviour to take me by surprise.

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2 comments to “Karen Krizanovich: An American bitch in London”

  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, David Duchovny. I woulda done him regardless.

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  2. He was at Yale the same time as my sister. She didn’t bone him, either.

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