Oh, Umy… j’adoring your look.

Uma of Thurman. Nice tits.

Look at Uma with her bulbous tittage peeping through a diaphanous frock at Fashion Rocks last night, ladies ‘n’ gennels. How we j’adore… There now follows summore pics of famouses at said Fashion Rocks event, all of whom, might we add, are looking hot to trot. Included in said photo montage is the exciting revelation as to which big ole gay has his filthy hand on the back bottom of a super-supermodel-ette, in this here manner:

Get off me, pig. 

Two gays and a Naomi Joss Stone. All is well until we see the shoes. Claudia Schiffer. Gold plated. Dame Shirl and Princess Bea. Awww.

[Pics: Alpha, Alan Davidson]

There’s more on the above, here. Ta.  


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  1. Go Uma go!

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