The new Catherine Tate? We’ll be the judge of that

Amy Widehouse

She’s an Oxford graduate who’s putting it about that she’s 24, even though we know FOR A FACT she’s at least 27, and she’s being touted by ITV (’cause we believe everything they say these days) as the new Catherine Tate.

She is Katy Brand and her new show where she hilariously takes off the likes of Amy Widehouse (sorry, Winehouse), Kate Winslet and Kate Moss, starts tonight. Be the judge when you see Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show on ITV2 tonight at 10pm.

The end. Or maybe the beginning…


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3 comments to “The new Catherine Tate? We’ll be the judge of that”

  1. Only got as far as seeing a trailer for this…
    Just not something I can be bothered with. I might be missing out but…meh…
    How many ITV shows have there been that have been called the ‘new’ version of something thats been knocking around either BBC or CH 4 for a few years…

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  2. Why is it so-called female ‘comediennes’ are completely unfunny? There’s been nobody new, or original turn up since the 1980s. And they always do sketch shows … the most simple, basic, done-too-much form of entertainment.

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  3. Consuela! Are you off your rocker, love? Catherine Tate? F&S? F? S? Vicky Woods? Diana Ross? The list goes on.

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