You popped your question inside The Hoosiers, we asked, Irwin Sparkes answered. It’s OK: he is in the group, you know.

Here he is!

Is Ray still a worry to you? Sammy
Ray’s a constant worry, however sick and tired I am of it. It’s a metaphor really for anything you love and worry about and are powerless to help. Ray is within each and every one of us.

Smell your fingers now. What are you picking up? DeeLee
Shower gel. Ibis Hotel shower gel.

You have one bullet, but three girls stand before you: Britney, Lindsay and Paris. Which one do you shoot through the head? Sienna Military
Probably Paris because… shooting is a bit harsh and I probably wouldn’t go through with it… but she doesn’t have a reason to be there. She’s just an heiress. The others have at least a little talent to attract the spotlight. I was going to say you could line them up and the bullet would go right through but that’s just a silly answer. That’s not giving you your meat and veg.

What is your favourite animal? An Animal
The killer whale. Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to be a marine biologist and I’ve always had a thing for the killer whale, but it could just as easily have been the common dolphin [gives Latin name]. I had the fine pleasure of going to SeaWorld in 1988 and Shamu was just a little killer whale pup.

When was the last time you were so drunk you threw up? Boy
That’s a good one. Maybe my mate’s stag do in Riga. That was silly. I made the mistake of running out of money and asking for the strongest thing I could get with whatever I had left and they just gave me vodka which knocked me flat on my arse and the next thing I know two policemen are leading me away from a doorway. I was just being sick everywhere. My mate had to buy me off him for the price of £5, which I thought was a bit cheap. It was one of those lads’ holidays you do when you’re 18 and end up in Magaluf.

Describe your new single as a smell/taste. Music fan
Easy: the smell of… I nearly said ‘The sweet smell of success’ but no. The smell of a fine sweet cheese and the taste of blue. Mixing metaphors to keep you on your toes.

What’s on your bedside table? Giblets
A notepad and pen. Often you get silly little ideas for songs or little lyrical things that hit you at two o’clock in the morning. It’s really perverse. You have to write it down ’cause you never remember it in the morning. Oh, and a big pint of water. Apparently, during the night your body releases all these toxins so in the morning, the best thing you can do is flush it all out with water. I’d recommend that to everyone. I’m giving: I would hate it to be one-way traffic.

Who’s your favourite wife of Henry VIII? Anne Boleyn
Up until a few months ago it was Anne of Cleves but now I’ve really gone for Katharine of Aragon. ‘Cleves’, the sound of it, is not where I’m at now. Things change and you’ve got to allow for that.

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party? Johnny
I reckon Mr. Chekhov, because everyone likes a bit of slapstick; Mandrake the magician; macho man Randy Savage, the wrestler and Shatara out of ThunderCats. And Monica Bellucci and Sophia Loren. The older the better. I’d have her in ten years’ time.

Have you written your masterpiece yet? Is it ‘Goodbye Mr. A’? Lorra Lorra Laughs
I hope not! I hope we haven’t written our masterpiece yet. A lot of the songs on the album, The Trick to Life, out now!, is that they were still being written in the studio. There’s only one song that’s like four years old so hopefully we’re still aclimatising to writing together and we’re just getting better.

What is a Hoosier? Northern Bastard
A Hoosier is a native of Indiana. We did a football scholarship there at the University of Indiana, for a year, and it was a big time for us because it was there we decided we were going to give it all up for the band. Americans use it as a term for Redneck.

What is your favourite type of porn? Princess X
Glove puppetry. Fingermouse, those sort of things.

The album The Trick to Life is out now.


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You popped your question inside The Hoosiers, we asked, Irwin Sparkes answered. It's OK: he is in the group, you know., 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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