Eau du Retard

Retards R Us

Samanda, who combined enjoy the mental age of a foetus, launch their very own smelly today.

Some things you may like to make a note of:

– it’s called ‘Samanda by Young and Pure’

– it’s targeted at girls aged between ten and ten and a half 21.

– it’s, and we quote, ‘a light, floral citrus’. Isn’t there a noun missing there or something?

– it’s probably pink and, ‘like, dead good’.

– you can read our interview with them here

– it costs £14.95

– you can get it from Morrisons, Superdrug, and Woolworths. Who knew. Oh and The Perfume Shop. Ditto. And here.



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3 comments to “Eau du Retard”

  1. Maybe someone should drown ’em in it…..

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  2. I bet it smells of digestive biscuits with a cheesy bottom note

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  3. ‘Young and Pure’??? How creepy does that sound?

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