Karen Krizanovich: An American Bitch in London

In London, so you don't have to be

Kate McCann, Britain’s very own OJ (oh, hush, he was found innocent!) is now saying that she wants a career in child welfare! 

It’s not enough that she regularly left her three under-5s to muddle along in an unlocked apartment while she went off for patatas bravas and… how many bottles of wine was it? And it’s not enough that she remains an official suspect in the disappearance of her child and that she, just like OJ, has travelled the world to find those who may have taken said child while spending thousands on PR… She NOW wants to devote her life to helping children just like her own!

Whatever you think of the McCanns – at the very least quite sloppy parenting there – you have to wonder how in the world anyone would allow her to work with children while she is still deep under the blanket of suspicion.

And to add fuel to an already Malibu-size blaze, The Sun – God, what would we do without the red tops? – flags the headline ‘Kate left kids alone 3 hours a night’, according to the snacks waiter at the epicentre of the story of the Tapas 9. Red tops are something Americans don’t really have, by the way. The tabloid press in America has very little sway over what smart folks think. Here in Britain, everyone reads red tops even if they apologise while they do it.  

I have no opinion on this case whatsoever because, much like the death of Diana, I don’t trust any of the reporting on the subject. I think the police and the secret service and other people know stuff that they aren’t telling. And that suits me. I am VERY comfortable with any conspiracy theory… just tell me that not eating after 5pm is how Angelina keeps her weight off and I’m a happy bunny.

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  1. I’m liking the ‘Tapas 9’

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  2. She is SOO the British OJ. How fun.

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