The new Queer As Folk? We’ll be the judge of that, etc.

Oooh, gays!

Russell T Davies, the gennelman behind Queer As Folk ‘n’ latterly Doctor Who ‘n’ even more latterly Torchwood, is developing a new BBC drama series about forty-something gay men. S’true.

Hence the angle we took with that header up there.

Coupla people have hinted at this before, but it’s only been confirmed today – though a BBC spokesthing reckons it’s ‘too early’ to say which Beeb channel it’ll go on.

This is what Russ had to say on the matter:

‘It’s going to be about forty-something gay men and how jealous they are of gay teenagers.’

Rather a sweeping statement, p’raps.

Oh there’s more.

The inspiration behind the new series is ‘parently a friend, a former Mr Gay UK who split with his boyfriend. :-(

‘He asked me, “Why are so many gay men so glad we split up?” That remark’s stayed with me for six years. I think there’s a self-punishing streak in that gladness and I want to explore it.’

Maybe ‘former Mr Gay UK’ should just ditch his lame friends. And six years? Imagine if he said something really poignant? For eg. ‘You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes’. Now that’s worthy of a six-parter.

Now let’s look at the opening bit, of the very first episode, of the original Blighty versh, of Queer as Folk… Oh okay.

ps. Of course the UK version’s better. Gawwwwwwwwwwwd.

pps. *gets nostalgic for the heady days of Manchesterfords’s Canal Street before the hen parties moved in. Snaps out of it very quickly*

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4 comments to “The new Queer As Folk? We’ll be the judge of that, etc.”

  1. Effing loved Queer as Folk. Manc version, that is. I fear, however, that this new thing will be shonky. Can we talk about how bad Bob and Rose was, and apparently that’s his own personal favourite? It was merely amunition for homophobes/those who think you can turn on and off the gay thing. And Alan Davis is hideously unsexy. Not that that’s particularly relevant. No actually, I take that back. It is relevant.

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  2. You’ve inspired me to watch it all again. I did have the box set somewhere, though i have a feeling that a dirty ex-flatmate knicked it. Oh well, off to Fopp I go.

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  3. Mr. Gay UK has lame friends, you say. Surely entering yourself into the Mr. Gay UK contest is very fucking lame to begin with. And the UK version pisses on the American version (athough Manchester is, and always will be, a total dump)

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  4. Agree with all of the above, Consuela, naturally… though hailing from Manchester I would… okay, I agree with that bit too.
    Oh no but seriously, that’s harsh – it’s a fabulous place, but you do need to leave after two days. And they’re sticking up some lovely sky-scrapers. You know, just to make it look like any other innocuous north American city.

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