Televisual lowlight of the week (said in a singy-songy Harry Hill-esque manner)

Shush, now.

Trevor McDonald is to return to News At Ten. Meaning, naturally, News At Ten is also returning. 

Bong, etc.

The latter part of that opening sentence we’re indifferent to; it’s the former that makes us want to slice our own heads off.

Can someone please explain this man to us? Not only can he barely read coherently off an autocue (honey, even Amanda de Cadenet could manage that), but he’s also quite possibly the most insipid gennelman on TV. There is more charisma in Kylie Minogue’s toenail clipping (left foot, little toe).

And can we talk about his attempts at comedy? In that shockingly bad News Knight thing he ‘did’, in his turns at the helm of Have I Got News For You, and his soporific MC’ing of the National Television Awards?

And yeah, yeah, his catalogue of errors and inability to actually read well is very endearing (read ‘patronising’) but people, we don’t want a human being, we want a news reader!

Apart from that, he’s lovely. If quite sinister looking.

The end.

ps. Give us Moira Stuart any day of the week. Or that sexy Anna Ford.

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2 comments to “Televisual lowlight of the week (said in a singy-songy Harry Hill-esque manner)”

  1. I know! This man is ridiculously bad at his job. And I agree, people like him in a patronising manner. ‘Oh, he’s cute and black and hasn’t he done well…’ No, he’s shit.

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  2. Oh, but he’s cute and he’s black and hasn’t he done well!!

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