Dirty your panties at the V&A!

oooooh, pretty

Not so much a museum as a night-club with great shopping (oh, and some nice old stuff), the V&A – everyone’s fave London museum – is pulling out all the stops this Hallowe’en and is even staying up way past its bedtime and into the witching hour with a smorgasbord of eventery called Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

And frankly if they can come up with installations like this (gone now, we’re thinking laterally on the old picture research front here), then you know it’s going to rawk… This is what’s going on.

First up there’s an installation (that’s art when it’s not exactly a sculpture but not exactly NOT a sculpture either) called Ghost Machine, which will be in the already fairly creepy Cast Room (they have life-size – obviously! – casts of global wonders of the world): expect funny soundscapes, ‘ectoplasm’ and what they’re calling ‘a three-dimensional visitation’!

Then there’s general spooky story-telling, a ‘corpse photography workshop'(!), UK Society of Paranormal workshops, a talk on Victorians photographing the dead, a talk from a real-life exorcist, screenings of rare ghostly movies… and then it’s all to the amazing bar, open till 12.30 of the am for a stiffener after all that bowel-shifting activity.

It all goes down tomorrow, nearest Tube is South Kensington and you can go here to find out the ins and the outs.

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