‘Feminism? Bra-burning lesbianism!’ The wisdom of retardenoid Ginger Spice

Burn her bra! With her in it!

Now, you should never expect too much from your pop stars – even when they have been made international ambassadors for childbirth issues or whatever (keep her away from those people!) – but Geri Halliwell, the artist formerly known as a twat has excelled herself in an interview with The Guardian.

When asked if she was a feminist, the woman who used to shout ‘Girl Power!’ into everyone’s face and once said Margaret Thatcher was an inspiration (no great loss to Mensa then, this one) came out with a classic…

‘For me, feminism is bra-burning lesbianism.’ Oh, OK.

‘It’s very unglamorous.’ Because that is obviously what political and philosophical movements are all about, innit, the glamour.

‘We need to see a celebration of our femininity and softness.’ And your ability to get the tea on the table, maybe? And to wear a really short skirt and love shopping and things that happen to be pink or have some sparkly quality to them, perhaps?

At this point, Geri’s people cleared something that genuinely was in their throats and shot her a glance.

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2 comments to “‘Feminism? Bra-burning lesbianism!’ The wisdom of retardenoid Ginger Spice”

  1. How ludicrous is that Geri woman. Can’t believe someone as smart as Georgia Michaels would be her friend.

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  2. What a stupid cunt. She is, officially, a disgrace to women. People in general, in fact.

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