If this was your dad, would you be proud?

Mmmm, hot.

Yes, we’d be on the adoption hotline to Madonna immediately, also. Citing familial retardedness and lack of interior design prowess. Oh, and the fact that this rather lumpen fellow has only spent the last year getting big ole gay Dumbledore tattooed onto his back without knowing he was a big ole gay and now he does know he’s a big ole gay his lovely troupe of pikey children and friends are teasing him for it. What, like having such a tattoo etched onto your person in the first place isn’t grounds enough for teasing? etc. And now he knows he’s a gay, it obviously makes him gay. ‘Cause that’s how you catch gay. It’s true.

Here’s a quote and everything:

‘It’s been terrible.’

No honey, having your head sliced off by an axe-wielding schizophrenic is terrible. Finding out that the person you’ve had etched onto your dirty fat back in fact likes to take it up the jacksy is merely incidental.

Oh there’s another quote:

‘When I walked in [to work. He works?!] one of the lads said, “Oi, Paul – heard about Dumbledore?” There were wisecracks about “Watch your backs, lads.”‘

Ooh, the bons mots of the intelligentsia…

More, ici. TTFN.

ps. Next time you decide to appear in the nationals, please Veet your back. Thankings.

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3 comments to “If this was your dad, would you be proud?”

  1. What a carry on.

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  2. Mmmmm, he’s hot.

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  3. I can smell the sweat from here…

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