Kylie to play a wooden box in Dr. Who!

Put her in a box

We knew her acting was wooden (honey, have you seen that Jean-Claude Van Damme movie she did? Her bonnet acted her off the screen), but in the BBC’s Dr. Who talented multi-tasker Kylie Minogue will, apparently, be playing a part of the furniture… Yes, sci-fi fans, Kylie IS apparently the Tardis (you know, small but can fit a lot in…)

The name of her character in the Santymas edition of Dr. Who is, apparently, Astrid, which if you jiggle the letters around is *gets a bit of paper and a pen with a troll on the end*… oh, TARDIS. Aren’t sci-fi folk clever! And, as Dr. W fans will know, the Tardis is apparently supposed to be a living organism and then the other bit of Astrid’s name is Welsh for ‘a bit of’…

Put it all together and what do you have? The whole cast piling into Kylie and slamming the door shut before hurtling off through space and time.

The end.

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  1. Brilliantly put. Hilarious!!

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