Never mind the Spice Girls, Aqua are back together!

Let's go party!

Have you been listening to Samanda’s version of ‘Barbie Girl’ and thinking that it just doesn’t have that sparkle the original nailed 110%? Never fear. Following the ressurection of Take That and Spicers, Aqua are set to reunite for a new Greatest Hits package (can you name two other hits?) including new songs and a European tour next year!

But that’s not all! Even these Scando-popsters are back at it!

Thought she only wanted another baby

Who is it? Ace of blinking Base. And yes, they’re back. Did you realise they’d gone away?

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2 comments to “Never mind the Spice Girls, Aqua are back together!”

  1. 1. good morning sunshine
    2. my oh my
    3. turn back time (from Gwyn Palt movie and all!)
    opps.. that’s 3 now.

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  2. Ooh, Doll, you’re good! Are you actually them?

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