Celebrity endorsement #920498650163098126. But this one we liketh.

Cate? J'adore.

Hello. Cate Blanchett, whom we j’adore, naturally, is the new face of fancy face gunk SK-II. Hooray!

Our Cate will appear – wearing a new pioneering facemask from said SK-II people – in ads that’ll be here, er, soon.

Now ‘parently, it’s not gonna be one o’ them ads where you get Jane Fonda drowning in a sea of mocaccino brown silk pyjamas in an apartment that’s palpably not hers bestowing the virtues of some cream or other that we’re meant to believe she’s been using for most of her adult life when in fact she only decided to use it once she’d seen the nice long numbers on the pay cheque. Or indeed one o’ those ads with Penelope Cruz and her lovely lashes where now they have to put a disclaimer down the bottom in very teeny tiny writing that in essence says what you’re being told is a load of bullshit… Ooooooooh no. ‘Cause Cate of Blanchett has, t’seems, been using SK-II for no less than seven years. Seven years, cosmetic-watchers. Seven. Years.

She already flogs the stuff in Australia.

And that’s a true story.

Now let’s watch, for the gazillionth time, the trailer to Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Seemless. The long version, btw, ’cause you can never have enough Betty One.

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  1. Cate can do no wrong in my eyes.

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