Hot helmet action!

Ooh, nice helmet!

Well, you’ve got the all-in-one orange Versace ski suit ready for the new season, you don’t want to team that with a raggedy old helmet (warning to readers of a sensitive disposition: there may be more helmet gags in this mini-fashion piece).

Which is why someone very clever and stylish has come up with these nice shiny helmets. And that clever stylish person works for Indigo Snow, the company putting their helmets on the market for ready money.

They come in snakeskin- and wood-looks and in a variety of colours (that orange ski suit is going to be a tough one to team, mind) and have mirrored visors for extra mysteriousability. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more likely to get a holiday going with a swing than drawing lots of favourable attention to your helmet.

We found out about these slick helmets here.

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2 comments to “Hot helmet action!”

  1. Love a good shiny helmet, me.

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  2. These look a little clunksome for skiing.

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