Karen Krizanovich: An American Bitch in London

Inside London, so you don't have to be

After working on a programme where Americans were tricked by two lookalikes of Princes William and Harry, it’s easy to see why Heather McCartney is heading to America, where she could, if her husband’s lawyers agree, attempt to start a new life.

Like the Duchess of York, and I daresay Diana if she’d survived, she knows there’s money in them thar Hollywood Hills…

Being seen at THE meeting place for deals, breakfast at the Four Seasons in Beverley Hills, Mills McCartney was spotted talking to a producer, reportedly about her own biopic: a small-town girl, wholesome model type, gets leg torn off by police motorcycle and ends up marrying one of the world’s wealthiest men. Now, there’s a tale I can’t wait to see on DVD, preferably on one of the smaller, cheaper Archos models.

But after seeing the hysteria that a mere souvenir spoon of the Princes can engender back home (next time, I bring MANY to soothe the natives), she stands (no cheap pun intended) to make a killing.

Americans just love anything British and/or Royal, and Heather is, after all, a Lady, even if it is just Lady-by-Injection. But Macca has put the kybosh on his ex’s plans, lest they include details of her private life with him. According to one British papyrus, Heather sees Paul as a controlling man who became abusive after too much wine.

Like DUH!

And now with her pelvic plate becoming painfully unscrewed (it was apparently unscrewed for the birth of their daughter Bea) Lady McCartney faces the prospect of months on her back… Oh, don’t get me started.

America, please, please, please don’t buy into this story because, even if it is true, it is just… well… undignified.

And that’s ME saying that! 

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  1. Oh but she’s very brave, non? Not as brave as Brave Kylie, though, naturally.

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