Hotel of the week: Night in New York City

Lovely as the Night

If you’re heading to the capital of hallowe’en – New York City! – this week, you may very well be looking for something chic – naturally! – but with a bit of a dark twist. Welcome to Night, a new concept in chic with a bit of a dark twist.

Perched right by Times Square – 45th between 6th and 7th Avenues, to be precise – it’s a black-on-black (with a splash of white hither and yon) fantasy that somehow throws together stark, erm, darks with a surprising level of sheer comfort.

Splash out on the penthouse with its own roof terrace, or take one of just 70-odd rooms (none of that mega-hotel scrum for the lift here) and be sure to make use of the¬†restaurant, called Nightlife,¬†where you’ll find an already famous Kobe beef hot dog (what that? you ask. Don’t know, we reply).

It’s a dark dark thing and no less lovely for that. See some more pictures after the jump…

More lovely darkness Night-y Night All Night now
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3 comments to “Hotel of the week: Night in New York City”

  1. We need a few more of this sort of thing in London Town – Covent Garden Hotel/Soho Hotel/Charlotte Street Hotel et. al. are all lovely, but bordering on the, well, not wow! enough. If you knows what I is sayings.

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  2. That’s coz those hotels you mentioned are aimed primarily at an American market, see, and that’s the sort of thing the Americans want when they come to London – sorta gentrified English glamour. Whereas the peoples going to New York (ie. Brits and other Northern Europeans, mostly) want that SATC-esque, edgier glamour. Like I know what I’m talking about… Just a hunch. No actually, I do know what I’m talking about. I should become a hotel magnate. More Andre Balazs than Travelodge, obviously.

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  3. Wouldn’t want to take a pew on them white seats after a hot curry…

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