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Shaun the Sheep! Hooray!

Sheep are very clever these days, you know...

The bumf:

– Shaun the Sheep’s single is out, like, soon. *asks someone who knows these things* He’s not too sure neither. *asks someone more equipped to deal with these things* 10th December.

– Vic Reeves est le voice of Shaun.

– It’s an Aardman thing. Natch.

– And c) and d)

– Oh, and depending on what interdolly capabilities you have, you can hear slash watch a nice wee snippet here or here, but prolly not here.  

– Evenin’


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‘Ooh, Lordy, is it 4 o’clock-ish and we’ve still not had a sing song?’

Did you use Aveda Shampure?

It is, yes. And today, ditty-listeners, we’ll mostly be sing-songing along to Rupert Everett doing ‘I Say a Little Prayer For You’ on My Bestest Friend’s Wedding. For why? Coz we couldn’t find that single he released yonks ago on the interdolly (for good reason, prolly) and also coz we just had coffee with him and therefore he’s in our thoughts. J’adoring as per, btw. (more…)

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Ooh, look, another Spice Girls advert for Tesco!

Er, mouth!

How excitement. And ‘parently, Victoria Beckham wants lobster. Bet she does.

Moving pictures after Jumpy. (more…)

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Which famous, married to another famous ‘mo (not in the biblical sense, silly – in the Chris Moyles ‘in inverted commas’ sense!) has new hair like this dot-dot-dot?

Who is it Momma?

Ooh, the intrigue.

*think think think think think think think think*

Too ‘ard. Answer, please… (more…)

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Q: Mummy, Mummy… who’s presenting the Brits this year?

Get off me!

A: The Osbournes

*smells a recipe for a disaster and/or a cheeeeenius turn of events and/or something in-between*

S’true, pop-pickers – Sharon and Husband-of-Sharon are to be MCs plural at this year’s (by which we mean next February’s) Brits. You know, that celebration of popular music and other related matters. T’will take place on 20th February, @ London’s glittering Earls Court.

The end.

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I’m A Celebrity…-ness: VOTE JANICE VOTE JANICE VOTE JANICE VOTE JANICE VOTE JANICE VOTE JANICE (and if you don’t want to, at least vote for J)

J'adoring your work.

These are the reasons why you must vote for Janice Dickinson in the show they call I’m A Celebrity dot-dot-dot, not that we want to sway you in any way: (more…)

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‘Ooh, Lord, is it one minute to four o’clock already and we’ve still not had a sing-song?’

Dolly whatsit 

Today, because a mate suggested it, we’ll be mostly sing-songing along to dolly old Jermaine Stewart’s ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off (To Have a Good Time)’. And that stuff in a glass? Cherry wine (oh yeah) of course! Over the jump with you… (more…)

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Karen Krizanovich: An American Bitch in London

Say, 'Thurrrrrsday'


The photo shoot for the serious men’s magazine is today and I am in shock that I went ahead and ate two portions of Christmas pudding at the Critics’ Circle lunch this noon. ‘I have to do a photo shoot today,’ I say to my mates way too loudly, ‘And I’m FAT!’ (more…)

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