Coronation Street to become gay ghetto!

Dirty boys

Well, not quite. But word on The Street is that dirty gay Todd Grimshaw, currently performing best man duties at his brother’s wedding, is to return on a permanent basis to Coronation Street.

The man who performed the first gay snog on a soap (open mouth and everything!) had the support of 80-odd% of voters in an Inside Soap poll to see if the great unwashed wanted Todd back.

And he’s up for it. We saw him on This Morning yesterday and everything. Oh, and Ryan, who plays Ryan (it’s very complicated) his non-gay brother is secretly getting a petition together to get him back on.

That would mean we can have more scenes like the one on Monday where Todd and Sean and Sean’s boyfriend were all in the sitting room with Ryan and no one mentioned anything about gays but 75% of the characters on the street took it up the back bottom.

Hooray etc. 

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3 comments to “Coronation Street to become gay ghetto!”

  1. I’d love it if Todd came back. He’d have to leave his glamorous life in Big London behind, mind. Do we think he’s ready to downgrade to Manchester?

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  2. I was thinking that, actually. Watching Corrie last night with that scene and thought what a mature approach to scenewriting to treat it as utterly normal. Shows progress. Well done all.

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  3. LOVE Todd.

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