Liza’s going on tour! No, not Tarbuck. She’d barely fit through the door.

That's Liza with a 'z', BITCH! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Liza Minelli’s going on tour.


In news that is literally music to our ears, Liza Minnelli in Concert (that’s what it’s called. Natch) will see Liza (how man times can we say Liza?) shimmying the length and breadth of London’s glittering UK with a two-hour set of song, dance and gays taking in London, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow during the months of May and June, a normally balmy period. 

This is what Liza had to say on the matter:

‘I always have such a wonderful time when I perform in London and I can’t wait to perform my new show around Britain. It’s been too long! I’m so excited about this tour and I’m particularly thrilled to be performing in such beautiful and intimate venues.’

There now follows a – what are we calling this? – list, of the places she’s doin’, and when. And handily, we’ve stuck a box office number after each, for ease of ticket-buying:

25th May 2008: London Coliseum – 0871 220 0260
27th May 2008: London Coliseum – 0871 220 0260
30th May 2008: Royal Centre, Nottingham – 0115 989 5555
2nd June 2008: Bridgewater Hall, Manchesterford – 0161 907 9000
4th June 2008: Symphony Hall, Birmingham – 0121 780 3333
6th June 2008: Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow – 0870 040 4000

‘Ow much? £35-£95
And you can also go here for interdolly purchasing.

The end.

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2 comments to “Liza’s going on tour! No, not Tarbuck. She’d barely fit through the door.”

  1. Got mine! Though why I actually had to pay for ’em I’ll never know…

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  2. Is it me or is Liza Tarbuck a nasty piece of work. She’s got that real ‘national treasure’ reaction from people but she just seems like a lumpen old dog to me. Always seems harsh.

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