Spice Girls product endorsement #7209845092792 and a half


Them Spice Girls have landed another – that’s, another – lucrative sponsorship deal. Good for them.

Them Spice Girls will be flogging the wares of Virgin Atlantic, in return for free flights and other just gorgeous things. Like sweet English pounds.

The idea is, like, they get free flights between London and Los Angerleese whilst they’re rehearsing, and then, you know, to other places on the Virgin flight-map that also coincide with that Spice Girls Tour that no-one told us about.

This is what that dolly Richard Branson had to say on the matter:

‘Virgin signed the Spice Girls 12 years ago and I got to know them at that time. So we are absolutely delighted to be working with the Spice Girls on their reunion tour and really pleased to have the honour* of taking the girls out to Los Angeles for their rehearsals, but even more importantly bringing them back to the UK for the British leg of the tour.’

What, you saying Virgin Atlantic operate a route between London and Los Angeles? With prices starting at £380 return? And now that their, for example, Premium Economy seats are even lovelier said journey could be that bit more luxurious? Just checking.

*‘Honour’? They ain’t Diana Ross!

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  1. Isn’t Ginger looking hollow these days! Diet’s kicked in, then.

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