Jake Gyllenhaal + Mario Testino = This!

Oh hello!


More more more more more more more! Oh okay then…

Oh there it is!

For why has this happened? Well, Mario’s done a coffee-table book thing – original – and these shots are part of it. Sort of behind the scenes with all the famouses he’s done over the years. It’s called Let Me In and it’s out on Monday in America-land, not sure when elsewhere.

This gennelman told us about this. Thankings.


ps. Some clever soul just shouted from the back that it’s already out in the UK. Ashton and Demi are on t’cover, ‘parently. Fancy that.

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One comment to “Jake Gyllenhaal + Mario Testino = This!”

  1. He has a very sexy body. Not that bothered ’bout the face, but the body…. scrummy.

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