The Stonewall Awards. Or, a night of a thousand glittering gays and other related matters

Dame Victoria Wood

That up there is Dame Victoria Wood. J’adore. She’s not a gay, but she was among the gay-interest throng at last night’s Stonewall Awards at London’s glittering and v fancy Victoria & Albert museum, down South Ken way.

As you can see from our pictures here, here and here, there was a whole lot of love in the room; there was also Dan Gillespie Sells off-of The Feeling, Dickie and Dolly off-of Big Brother and Gaydar Radio, Dame Victoria Wood who we may have already mentioned, a bunch of important political types whose names escape us, people off the telly, media ‘n’ fashwion peoples, and c) and d). Kylie might have been there, riding in someone’s jacket pocket, but it was difficult to tell.

Some points from said event you may like to make a note of, including the winners… Oh and more pics…

– Gays? Akimbo.

– Stonewall chief exec, Ben Summerskill, who compered avec that nice Anthony Crank, is quite the raconteur. Oh how we laughed.

– Dan Gillespie-Sells gave the sweetest acceptance speech, mentioning his lesbian mums plural and just, you know… *sheds tear*

– That bloke who plays John Paul the ‘mo in Hollyoaks (or Holly Hoaks, as Barbara Windsor likes to call it…) looked absolutely petrified the entire evening.

– Cleo Rocas is… *insert suitably gushing adjective*

– Well timed. Didn’t last for 73 hours like some awards ceremonies.

– Ben Summerskill said this: ‘We are indebted to the winners of these awards for the inspiration and support and encouragement that so many have shown to lesbian and gay people across Britain during the last year.’

– These are the winners:

Hero of the Year – Antony Grey, former secretary of the Homosexual Law Reform Society, who spearheaded the first partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967.

Politician of the Year – Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Health, and Angela Eagle, Treasury Minister (joint winners), for their work on the 2007 Sexual Orientation Regulations.

Writer of the Year – Val McDermid, for Beneath the Bleeding.

Sports Personality of the Year – Nigel Owens, international rugby referee and a gay.

Bigot of the Year – The Bishop of Hereford, Anthony Priddis, who withdrew a job offer to a youth worker after finding out he was gay. Booooo, etc. Good bumming would sort him out.

Broadcast of the Year – Hollyoaks, for its sympathetic handling of the John Paul/Craig gay storyline.

Journalist of the Year – Philip Hensher, The Independent.

Stonewall & Barclays Community Group of the Year – London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

Entertainer of the Year – Dan Gillespie Sells

A whole lot o' tits going on...

Aww. Amy of Lame Oh Danny boy, etc.

Stonewall on the interdolly.

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