Julia Roberts: ‘I want to take care of Britney’. Are you mad, woman?


Julia ‘where’ve you been, luv?’ Roberts has revealed she’s ready to open up her home to Britney Spears.  You know, to help her.

*gasps from the audience*

Here’s a quote to go with it AND EVERYTHING:

‘I see what’s happening to Britney Spears and it’s all I can do not to move her into my guesthouse and say, “Okay, this is how it’s going to be,” and just take care of her.’

We like how you won’t have her in your actual house, just the guesthouse. Wise move. She’d certainly leave a smell – a bit like the smell you get if you don’t dry your clothes properly and they smell like dogs, and then you try and get rid of the smell with Febreze but then they just smell of dead dirty dog with a faint whiff of Febreze. And what with that penchant for bare flange she has, she’d be leaving a trail as well.

Talking of Britney Spears, look at this fine specimen of trout-hood, ladies ‘n’ gennelmen:

Soooooo pretty. 


ps. Julia said that up there to Vanity Fair magazine. Out now. Get it get it get it get it get it…


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2 comments to “Julia Roberts: ‘I want to take care of Britney’. Are you mad, woman?”

  1. hahahahahahahahaha!

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  2. She looks a bit weird in this, doesn’t it? Or is it me? It looks like she’s holding a plate up in front of her face with a face painted on it. Not Britney, obv, she looks like the dirty piggie she is.

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