Who wants to see this man’s front bottom?

Oh hello.

Who dat? Jamie Dornan, male supermodel-ette and former lov-errrrrr of Keira ‘If she doesn’t get an Oscar nom for Atonement we’ll eat our head’ Knightley. And rather disappointing in real life, whilst we’re on the subject. Not Keira (who isn’t), Jamie (who is).

First, some background information: This is the pic in question, in PG format. It’s from Visionaire 52 Private, a coffee table tome for silly money (from $375-$5,000) that comes in a Louis Vuitton monogrammed case designed by Marc Jacobs (ooooOOOOOoooooooh) and consists of shots of nice looking people in not very much at all. Oh.

Put some clothes on! Honestly... 

This is the one with real life knobbage. How excitement:

Er, it's art, dahling.


The end.

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2 comments to “Who wants to see this man’s front bottom?”

  1. What shit pictures!

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  2. OH yes, very original. ZZzzzzzzz. Nice tits, though.

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