Hotel of the week: Fontana Park in Lisbon

Imagine yourself

You’ve done Barcelona to death. And Madrid. And Spain in general. But you still love that Iberian, you know, thing.

Try Portugal. Poor country’s having its worst ever year PR-wise what with Maddie and those people who drowned saving their children so it could do with some cash dollars. And they’re going about getting them in all the right ways with this brand new, not-quite-open-yet hotel in Lisbon.

It’s called the Fontana Park Hotel and it’s an early 20th century building totally gutted and refitted. Located in full-on downtown Lisbon – a truly fun place to go out of an evening, by the way, and with some totally not-bad beaches – it opens on 1st December and is offering a big old 10% discount to get the ball rolling.

See more pictures and find out about that deal after the jump…

A thing of beauty So hot you want to pinch its bottom

For details of that extra special deal, go here.

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  1. Oh it’s SO about Lisbon!!

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  2. Never mind building fancy hotels, where’s Maddie!?

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