Beyonce channels Judy Garland


When she told us last year that she hoped she was a gay icon, we didn’t realise how freaking serious Beyonce was.

Now, having covered off the Marilyn side of things in the ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ ad for Armani, she’s taking on the big one: the gayest song of all time. Yes, lads and gennelmen, it’s time for Beyonce (sorry about the accent missing: we don’t know how to get it on our keyboard) to sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’! And that’s not all…

It all goes down on 2nd December at a benefit for some entertainment charity or other and an impressive line-up of celebs are, erm, lining up to perform at the rather fabulous Kodak Theatre in London’s glittering downtown LA.

It’s a ‘Music pays tribute to the movies’ kind of deal and apart from B doing ‘Rainbow’, there’ll be Fergie and Jennifer Hudson duetting on ‘Live and Let Die’, Mary J. Blige and John Legend doing ‘As Time Goes By’ from Casablanca and contributions from the likes of Dame Elton and J-Lo.

It’s on telly in America on 7th December but we don’t know when those of us UK-side will get to see it. Oh, on YouTube on 8th.

And we now fully expect B to release a hip-hop version of a very rousing ‘I Am What I Am’.

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