Look at the face on it.

Smile, luv. It may happen.

Kelly Osbourne’s natural beauty was only enhanced by a surgical neck brace fitted at a hospital after she slipped a disc.

She apparently had an accident and slipped a disc meaning she had to miss her final performance as Fatty Mama Morton (a role she was born to play and which she won through her sheer talent and vocal abilities) in Chicago in London’s glittering West End.

In unrelated news,┬áit’s funny that Charlie Big Brother only had to wear her neck brace when there were cameras present. Just walking along the road she was fine. It was photographic studios that put her at risk, necessitating the wearing of the brace.


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2 comments to “Look at the face on it.”

  1. God that girl needs a fucking slap.

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  2. Okay, so admittedly I’m not an expert, but I thought slipping a disc is a lower back problem. I guess maybe a neck brace will help with good posture ‘n’ stuff, but will also help in the sympathy/the ‘my dog ate my homework so I can’t perform tonight, sir’ department.

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