The saga of Plinth No. 4 in London’s glittering Trafalgar Square continues…

Two neutrals and a splash...

Resembling something a three-year-old child would create with Stickle Bricks, the latest installation on Trafalgar Square’s dolly fourth plinth – you know, the rent-a-plot that’s seen thus far a limbless lady and a waxwork Johnny Wilkinson off-of rugby – is eight tonnes of red, yellow and blue glass. Or, to give it its proper title, Model for a Hotel. Some details you may like to make a note of include:

– it was designed by Thomas Schútte, a German gennelman.

– twas originally called Hotel for the Birds, with a view to it being a nice wee place for them manky pigeons to have a kip of an evening but, you know, they changed their minds.

– viewed from different angles, it and-we-quote, ‘appears as a series of interconnected glass forms, with the glimmer of a human torso defined in silhouette.’ Oh good.

– it’s their for the next 18 months. No rush, then.

– it adds a splash of colour, ‘specially welcome during the winter months

– and c) and d)

Here it is in Technicolor close-up…

Oooh, pretty.


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2 comments to “The saga of Plinth No. 4 in London’s glittering Trafalgar Square continues…”

  1. Walked past it this morning. I really like it. As you say, splash o’ colour…

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  2. Oh, god bless ’em for trying.

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